Wall & Ceiling Panels

TRUSSCORE is the easy to install wall and ceiling panelling that’s transforming building practices across North America.

general_1Trusscore PVC Wall and Ceiling Panelling is designed to satisfy your most demanding expectations. Not only does it meet or exceed all statutory building codes, it also satisfies the stringent requirements of modern hygienic construction. Trust it for your most demanding projects.

  • TRUSSCORE’S unique high strength webbed design provides outstanding spanning capability.
  • TRUSSCORE’S surface is highly durable and resistant to scratches, bacteria, chemicals, mold and moisture.
  • TRUSSCORE is available in 16″ width and standard 10′, 12′, 16′ and 20′ construction lengths. Custom lengths are available.

Key Advantages Include:

  • Ideal replacement for conventional wall systems
  • Cost effective compared to other materials
  • Won’t support bacterial growth
  • Won’t corrode and is resistant to most chemicals
  • Inner truss design for rigidity and strength
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Supports attic insulation loads
  • Bright clean appearance
  • Virtually maintenance free – just wipe it clean
  • Highly resistant to moisture and mold
  • Class A Fire Rating – potential insurance savings
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Hidden fasteners provide smooth finish
  • Pre-punched nailing flange
  • 10-year limited warranty

Download the TRUSSCORE brochure: Download PDF Document

Easy to Install

Lightweight and easy to work with, TRUSSCORE requires no special training or tools to install. Find out more by reading TRUSSCORE’s installation brochure: Download PDF Document



TRUSSCORE has a flame spread classification of 5 as per CAN/ULC- S102.2-10. Read the ASTM Report: Download PDF Document

Surface Burning Characteristics

Read the ASTME45 Test Report: Download PDF Document


TRUSSCORE meets CFIA and FDA requirements for walls and ceilings. Read the Canadian Food Inspection Agency approval: Download PDF Document


Trusscore is safe to work with using normal construction practices. Waste material is recyclable. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet: Download PDF Document (76kb)

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